Tuesday, September 04, 2007

What are the unique value propositions of innomediaries?

In a previous post I discussed innomediaries and suggested that they can build unique capabilities (compared to other actors in a business network) based upon the following characteristics: connectivity, specialization, and neutrality.

Den Hertog (pdf of article) discusses services of intermediaries (or knowledge intensive business services) that can fill or bridge various gaps in innovation processes with respect to resources and innovation management capabilities. Relating this to the previous discussed intermediaries' characteristics, I would argue that the more these services make use of connectivity, specialization, and neutrality (and their linking), the more there is a need (and, therefore, opportunity) for innomediaries.

Following is a list of the services mentioned by den Hertog and a first attempt of relating them to the intermediaries' characteristics:

Based upon this mapping experience-sharing and benchmarking seem to be the kind of services that offers innomediaries opportunities for unique value propositions towards innovation seekers and solution providers.

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